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Profile and Biodata BoA *My dream !!!

Boa (보아Profile
Name: Kwan ( Kwon )Boa 보아
Birthday: November 5, 1986
Height: 160cm
Weight: 42kg
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music loud and singing kareoke.

A popular Korean singer, BoA Kwon (17), had started her live tour, LOVE & HONESTY', at the super arena in Saitama, Japan. The new arena tour for BoA will be in nine different cities with more than 10,000 people each concert. On February 14th, BoA (보아) had received 'the Most Influential Artist' and 'the Favorite Artist Korea' at the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore. After being awarded, Boa Kwon has become more famous with more interests from other countries in Asia. There were many requests for concerts in her mother country, Korea, and even in China. There is a high possibility that BoA Kwon will have a solo concert in Korea this year in 2004.
On the day of the first live tour, Robot Asimo of Honda in which Kwon Boa worked with in the CM came on stage. BoA (보아) had seven different hair colors with seven different clothings.
"An awesome live performance could have been all because of everyone who was cheering and supporting me. Although it's cold outside, I will do some hot live performances inside." said Kwon Boa.As BoA (보아) had performed 20 songs including her latest single, 'Be the One'.
The road to making a world star....
As soon as the permission of the parents were received, the company immediately began a very focused training period to making a world star. The first thing that BoA Kwon needed to learn was neither dancing or singing, but foreign languages. She was given a private tutor who taught her both English and Japanese. This was something that Kwon Boa absolutely needed to learn in order to go abroad with her future music. BoA 보아 was even sent to Japan during her vacations in order to receive extra focused lessons. It may have been because of her young age, but her ability to learn these new languages was extraordinary. Also, after her graduation from elementary school, her start in the International middle school was delayed for six months in order to go to Tokyo, Japan once again. This time, not only did she learn Japanese, but she also received vocal and dance lessons. On top of that, she was only allowed to speak Japanese during her stay there. In order to pick up fine tuned pronunciations, she stayed with and was taught by NHK's GuMiKo. This intense training has given Kwon Boa the ability to speak Japanese almost perfectly, and also understand and converse in English.
When (who manages one of Japan's top entertainers, Yungsung Akanemi) saw BoA Kwon 보아, they took upon themselves the responsibility of her dance and vocal training. As a result, they introduced one of the top instructors to Kwon Boa (보아 ) . Sakuma, who had been recognized as Japan's best dancer, gave BoA Kwon ( 보아 ) dance lessons, and Japan's top hip hop dancer Kazeu personally came to Korea to choreograph BoA's debut album. Sakuma even praised BoA 보아 saying "When compared to the Japanese dancers who do nothing but dance, her skills are right up at that level. And among the female singers who do both singing and dancing, there is no one who has the skills that BoA Kwan 보아 has. There has been no one this young who can dance so well."
BoA has released albums in both South Korea and Japan, and her recording company, SM Entertainment, is positioning her as a cross-cultural star in Asia. She has released eight full length albums, three ".5" albums and nineteen singles in South Korea and Japan. Her albums have also been released as "overseas versions" throughout Asia. Six million copies of her albums have been sold to date. She can speak native-level Korean, plus fluent Japanese and conversational English and Chinese.

BoA broke records in both Korea and Japan with her smash hits, including "No. 1," "Valenti," and "Listen to My Heart". She has made strides in music and acting with chart-breaking albums released in both Japanese and Korean (BoA accounts for over 75% of musical exports from Korea), as well as being a cover model for huge companies such as Shiseido, Honda, KDDI: Au, Calpis, and recently the Japanese division of Gap. BoA has also become a cross-cultural icon, bridging historical tensions between the nations of Korea and Japan. BoA was awarded "Most Influential Asian Artist" and "Favorite Artist Korea" Prizes at MTV Asia Awards held in Singapore on February, 2004. Her songs are now popular even in Taiwan, PRC and some Southeast Asian countries. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers and some commercials, including KOSE, MISSHA, Lipton, Ting, Pantech & Curitel, Elite, Lotte, Maybelline, and Wired XYZ. BoA also appeared in the Korean Music Festival held in the Sydney Opera House on June 21, 2004 and in the Volvo "Hallyu" Concert in Universal City, California (outside of Los Angeles) on June 11, 2005. Most recently, she performed at the 2005 APEC conference in Busan, South Korea.

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